Jeni Mickelsen

Jeni Mickelsen VP Administration

Because Jeni always seems to know and to ‘want to know’, she is known as the ADM ‘answer guru’.

Jeni Mickelsen serves as Vice President of Administration at The American Deposit Management Co. in Delafield, WI.

Jeni makes the financial operations world an innovative place. Painters paint. Sculptors sculpt. And Jeni manages numbers…lots of them. Her innovative thinking helps ADM utilize technological solutions in day-to-day operations, as well as in long-term goals. And her constant love and care for our internal systems helps employees navigate the complex ADM operations center with ease. Because Jeni always seems to know and to ‘want to know’, she is known as the ADM ‘answer guru’. Whenever someone has a question, even about random topics, she either knows the answer or knows where to find it. ADM staff often receives great benefits and entertainment from her rare talent for answering questions.

Jeni Mickelsen

Jeni’s career in the financial services industry spans over 25 years. She began working at a Milwaukee area community bank as part of a cooperative education program while in high school. She garnered experience in many facets of banking including: deposit operations, indirect lending and administration. She holds a BS in Management from the University of Phoenix, where she graduated with honors and holds an advanced degree from the Graduate School of Banking from the University of Wisconsin-Madison.

Outside of work, you’ll find Jeni either reading a book or cruising around town on the back of her husband’s Harley Davidson.