Our People

Not to brag, but we’re a great company to do business with.

Whether talking with a managing partner or the receptionist, with a facilitator or a behind-the-scenes employee, you’ll experience consistent enthusiasm and teamwork that’s rare in today’s business climate. Follow the links below and catch a glimpse of our customer service fanatics and our cream-of-the-crop finance and operations team.

The Corporate Team

Here are the folks who answer the phone, field your questions, help you develop action plans and custom solutions, create new products, manage the web site, design and implement payment solutions, make payments to your claimants, open your mail, handle accounting, feed the dog and stock our legendary candy dish.


Customer Experience

Financial Services Group

Our People

Finance & Administration

  • Gene Coffield, CPA
  • Josh Meeks

Partners in HR, Finance & IT

  • Mark Pomerenke
  • Eric Schultz
  • John Burzynski
  • Al Witchoski
  • Jeanne Cassel
  • Ken Bahringer