Payment & Reporting Services

Bond Proceeds Management

ADM understands the process and has knowledge of the complex rules under which a bond issuer must operate.

Before any issue, there are several steps your organization must take to ensure proper compliance. Let ADM coordinate these important steps in the process.

General Obligation Issues, Certificates of Participation, Revenue Bonds, Installment Financings, Bond Anticipation Notes (BANs), Pooled Financings and other tax-exempt financings may require Arbitrage Rebate Calculation. Let ADM help with both the calculation and reporting of these matters.

Our unique program provides issuers the tools they need to manage issue proceeds by offering:

  • Safety and liquidity needed to manage a bond spend down
  • Dedicated relationship managers who know you and the nuances of your issuance
  • Simplified reporting and tracking of principal, earnings and expenditures: One easy-to-read monthly statement
  • Payments managed efficiently, securely and deposited directly to the account of your choice

Pre-issuance services available:

  • Bond Yield Calculations
  • Verification Reporting

Our post-issuance compliance services include:

  • Clear and concise Arbitrage Rebate calculation and reporting
  • Schedule K (Form 990)


Refunding to reduce your organization’s interest costs or to remove a burdensome or restrictive covenant results in proceeds that must be deposited in escrow. ADM is familiar with the rules surrounding these types of proceeds.

Payment & Reporting Services

Our partnership with our trust bank provides issuers access to efficient escrow services including the purchase of State and Local Government Investment Series (SLGS) Treasury securities and payments to the Depository Trust Company (DTC).

How can you get started?

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American Payment Solutions™

Construction Project Funds Management

In the complex world of Contract Management, ADM is your solution to effective administration

Procedures for project control and record keeping become indispensable tools to managers and other participants in the construction process. ADM enhances your project by synchronizing the payment, approval and disbursement process. Our innovative program combined with our American Money Market Account™ (AMMA) is a powerful, all encompassing, industry leading treasury management tool.

Why you should consider American Payment Solutions™
  • Automated, streamlined approval and payment process for public entities in construction and complex contracts
  • Greater transparency, accountability and efficiency while reducing the number of touch points
  • Ensures contracts are administered effectively and accountability is well-documented with CSI MasterFormat™
  • Savings model that utilizes our 2/10 Advantage Shared Savings Program payment discount feature
  • Provides financial controls for project management and contracts

Bond Proceeds

AMMA™ Program

  • Fully liquid, FDIC/ NCUA-insured funds management
  • Competitive rate
  • Monthly eStatement

Arbitrage Rebate Reporting

  • Monthly monitoring
  • Schedule K
  • Simplified reporting and tracking of principal, earnings and expenditures
  • Easy-to-read monthly statement
  • Spending benchmarks including proportional, required and actual

American Payment Solutions™ 

  • Manage vendor contracts
  • 2/10 Advantage Shared Savings Program
  • Payment and disbursement reporting
  • eVendor file upload
  • CSI MasterFormat™
  • Change order monitoring
  • Retainage reporting

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