Settlement Services

Complex Settlement Fund Administration

Principal Preservation 

Safety is paramount in the choices we offer at ADM. With over two decades of experience in settlement fund administration, we understand the parameters of both risk and liquidity, which our partners face in today's financial markets.

Liquidity and Capacity 

We understand the liquidity needs in managing distributions to claimants, attorneys and third parties. No settlement is too big or too small for ADM and with a robust product offering for our clients, we can comply with any state and federal guidelines for your funds. 

Competitive Rate and Cost Structure 

With 600+ financial institutions in our exclusive ADM network, ADM offers its clients the most comprehensive, competitive structure in the market today. 

Distribution and Tax-Reporting 

Our quality assurance and security measures ensure cost-effective distribution. We offer many choices in funds distribution including checks, wire transfers and ACH services. Our robust administration team can also provide Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF) tax reporting, W-9 and 1099 information reporting, and TIN registration. 

Tailored Services

  • Establish, manage and report on Qualified Settlement Fund (QSF) accounts and escrows. 
  • Disburse funds through check printing and mailing, automated clearing house (ACH) transfers and volume wire transfers. 
  • Clear checks using industry leading fraud prevention security features. 
  • Prepare accounting statements and tax returns to ensure compliance with state and federal guidelines.


Settlement Services


  • Over two decades of fund administration experience 
  • Managed cases with cumulative balances of over $3 billion
  • Industry recognized team of professionals
  • Distributed to 100s of thousands of claimants 
  • Award-winning customer service

ADM offers a full suite of fund administration services designed specifically for the needs of Qualified Settlement Funds (QSF), settlement administrators and law firms. We can independently or collectively assist using any of the products and services we offer.

Account Types

  • Mass Tort Settlement
  • Agency 
  • Class Action Settlement
  • Trust
  • Walk-Away Right (WAR)
  • Set-Aside

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