Jacob Stark

Senior Vice-President of Sales & Marketing

Jacob got his start in business at age 15, when he opened S&S Lawncare in his hometown of Oconomowoc. He earned his BS degree in management from UW-Madison, where they taught him the professional jargon for the things he had already learned. Before coming to ADM, he held leadership positions in some of the country’s top consumer product companies, including Fiskars, ScentBlocker, and Delta McKenzie Targets, where he was able to combine his work and his passion for hunting and the outdoors.

At ADM, Jake leads our national sales and marketing efforts as an integral member of the company’s senior leadership team. He is the visible face of ADM to our clients and potential clients. He no longer has tangible products such as archery targets to sell, but every transaction is still based on trust and personal relationships.

Jacob also mentors teenagers through Young Life, which works with students from all walks of life, including developmentally disabled, troubled youth and students looking to grow in their faith.

He has managed his own investment portfolio since age 23 and sometimes multi-tasks his interests, making trades on his phone while sitting in a deer blind.

A relentless overachiever, he can make a five-minute brownie mix in just under three minutes. But it might take him a year to eat the whole batch; in cooking, as in other areas of his life, he prefers to serve others.

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