The ADM team
December 27, 2016
The stock market has been booming since last month's election, and some financial professionals, worrying about missing the party, may be thinking about moving more of their institution's funds into stocks. However, the link below shows that if they do, they are probably buying into the top of the market. Look at the far left side of the chart and note the upward blip that represents where we are now, historically. Then note the flat or downward lines for the next year or two. 
The ADM team
December 12, 2016
The School District of Elcho in far northern Wisconsin will build a beautifully renovated facility for its students and community over the next two years, with a little help from ADM.
The ADM team
November 30, 2016

Recently the Municipal Securities Rulemaking Board announced that dealers will be required to disclose their compensation to retail investors who are buying or selling bonds. The new rule, which takes effect in 18 months, is good news for ADM's many clients who issue bonds, because greater transparency means a fairer, more liquid aftermarket for their securities.