ADM In The News

ADM in the news

July 2020 – The American Deposit Management Co. Managing Federal Funds for Covid-19 Pandemic Relief

The American Deposit Management Co. was chosen by the Wisconsin Economic Development Corporation (WEDC) to manage the $75 million We’re All In Small Business Grant.

The American Deposit Management Co. Manages Federal Funds for Covid-19 Pandemic Relief

April 2020 – ‘It wasn’t there:’ Millions of dollars worth of stimulus checks put in wrong accounts, company says

As stimulus checks are sent out to American’s bank accounts millions of dollars were deposited into the wrong account. This error, according to banking experts, could take days to fix.

March 2020 – ‘Perfect time:’ Amid COVID-19, experts suggest turning collectibles into cash, evaluating expenses

The Coronavirus affects more than just our health, it impacts our wallets and money management. Our CEO, Kelly Brown, discusses cash management during this uncertain time with Fox 6 Now.

January 2019 – Keep ‘Marge’ happy – how to win the battle for deposits

As the battle for deposits grows, banks are adding pressure when looking for large commercial customers. Kelly Brown, ADM’s Chairman & CEO, discusses how deposit competition is as competitive as ever and varies from region to region.

January 2017 – One of the leading providers of proprietary cash management solutions in private and public sectors: American Deposit Management Co.

Place a higher emphasis on effective cash and liquidity management, with help from the American Deposit Management Co.. Learn how we do it below.–

January 2017 – American Deposit Management: Affordable and Revenue-generating Treasury Management

ADM’s Chairman & CEO Kelly Brown gives Banking CIO Outlook a deep dive into our Treasury Management program and how we are a great asset to banks.

August 2011 – The American Deposit Management Co. Offers Banks a New Fed Funds Alternative

A new opportunity comes for banks that are looking for options in their fed funds sold position through our ADM Direct Account.