FULL FDIC Protection for ALL Business Cash?
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ADM is not a bank and cannot experience a bank run. We never lend your money and 100% of your funds are available for withdrawal when needed – with twice-weekly liquidity.

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The Ultimate Protection for Business Cash

At the American Deposit Management Co. [ADM], we help businesses invest corporate cash to achieve the ultimate protection – FDIC / NCUA insurance for all their funds .

Cash in a business checking account or corporate savings account is only insured up to the FDIC limit – $250,000 per financial institution. With ADM, your business can access FDIC / NCUA insurance for ALL cash, above and beyond the traditional limit.

Your Funds Could Be at Risk in The Event of Bank Failure

Without full FDIC / NCUA insurance, your company’s cash is at risk. In the event of a bank failure, you could potentially lose all uninsured funds. For some companies, that could mean millions of dollars.

If you have over the $250,000 FDIC / NCUA maximum at one commercial bank, now is a great time to look at diversifying your deposits.

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With ADM, you can have it all – safety, liquidity, and return.

Our corporate cash management solutions provide full FDIC / NCUA insurance PLUS twice-weekly liquidity PLUS nationally competitive interest rates. We accomplish all of this with one account and one consolidated monthly statement.

ADM Offers Your Funds:


Full FDIC / NCUA insurance on all cash

A single monthly statement

One monthly statement and 1099-INT

A team you can trust

A team you can trust to put you first

Does Your Business Need Higher Returns Without Sacrificing Safety? CDs Could be A Good Option.

Business Certificates of Deposit [CDs] can help you earn a higher rate of return without sacrificing FDIC / NCUA insurance.

At ADM, we take the work out of managing your corporate CD investments. Our experienced cash consultants will work with you to determine your liquidity needs, then locate the most competitive commercial CD rates in our network and handle the investments for you.

Nationally Competitive Rates for Business Deposits

Our proprietary Fintech – we call it Marketplace Banking™ – makes it possible for you to have access to exclusive interest rates from across the country through a network of 500+ financial institutions.

Why keep your business cash in a checking or savings account at your bank when you can achieve full FDIC protection and nationally competitive interest rates?

The rate of return banks offer for commercial checking and savings accounts can vary greatly depending on location and bank needs. With ADM, your business doesn’t have to spend hours scouring the internet for the best deposit and CD rates. We handle the entire process for you. All you need to do is fill out a simple application to open an account, make a single deposit, and watch your funds grow.

With one account and one consolidated monthly statement, you can have the benefits of dozens of banking relationships. These include full FDIC / NCUA insurance, nationally competitive rates for deposits and CDs, and twice-weekly liquidity.

Cash Management for Businesses Small and Large

Whether you have a small business with large cash reserves or a multi-million-dollar company, ADM offers the same level of service. Our experienced team can help small and large businesses achieve full FDIC / NCUA protection and nationally competitive rates for CDs and deposit accounts. In many cases, our customers receive higher rates of return than they could from a business savings or checking account.

Disclaimer: Money market accounts and Certificates of Deposit satisfy the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation’s (FDIC)’s and National Credit Union Association’s (NCUA) requirements for agency pass-through deposit insurance coverage. Program and custodial banks are not affiliated with ADM and are not responsible for, and do not guarantee the products, services or performance of third-party providers. ADM is not a member of the FDIC or NCUA, but the banks and credit unions where your money is deposited are FDIC and NCUA members.