Thanksgiving 2019 is in the books!

Making a turkey sandwich from Thanksgiving leftovers

The 2019 edition of the Thanksgiving Holiday is in the books, and it was a great one. As is tradition, we saw parades, enjoyed some incredible food, and witnessed some insanity on the gridiron.

For some of you, today might mean battling for a deal at your local department store or enjoying those leftover turkey sandwiches while you binge more football. In any event, we hope your Black Friday, as it has been so charmingly named, brings you all the shopping, food, football or relaxation that you desire.

Short, Sweet and Satisfying

We can probably all agree that the Thanksgiving break is short, but very sweet. It gives us an opportunity to blow off some steam with our loved ones in preparation for all the craziness that comes with holiday shopping and the seemingly endless year-end tasks at the office.

So, in honor of this wonderful holiday, our team at ADM wanted to take the opportunity to offer our thanks to you – our friends, family, partners and clients. Without you, we wouldn’t be blessed with the opportunity to provide you with the safest, most competitive rates on your cash.

Since we don’t want to take up too much of your time today, we will keep this short. So remember, while you are fighting the crowds on Black Friday or relaxing on your couch, you can rest assured that your cash is safe and growing at a nationally competitive rates in your ADM Marketplace Banking™ account. It makes us proud to know you can enjoy your holiday just a little bit more, knowing your reserve cash is optimized!

If you’re not already one of our clients, and your business has cash reserves, you’re probably missing out on profits. But don’t worry, it’s never too late. Contact a member of our team today on Monday ????.

In closing, thank you for the last decade and we look forward to the next one. Gobble, gobble!

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