Business Escrow: The MOST FDIC protection and the MOST return

Money flowing out of a large safe indicating the most return and most protection for business escrow cash

If your business has encountered the need for an escrow account, there are some important facts to consider before you choose a provider. Each escrow provider has their own combination of fees and investments that go along with maintaining funds in their escrow accounts. That’s why it’s important to keep in mind that escrow agents are not all created equal.

At ADM, our proprietary fintech allows us to provide your business with the MOST FDIC protection and the MOST return on escrow cash while it is secured in your account. Here’s a quick summary of how that works:

Get the MOST FDIC protection for your escrow cash.

By leveraging a vast network of community banks, ADM can overcome the traditional $250k limit on FDIC insurance protection. With a single deposit, up to $100 million in escrow cash can be distributed among our network of 100’s of community banks, which allows for 100% FDIC insurance protection. This means you can rest assured that your escrow cash has the MOST protection while you’re waiting to put it to work.

Get the MOST return on your cash while it is locked in escrow.

Although the overriding goal of escrow is protecting your business and its investment, you should not ignore the return you can earn while your funds are being protected. ADM’s fintech provides additional advantages, the largest of those being competition for your cash.

When banks compete for your money, you usually get a higher return, and the same holds true with our escrow accounts at ADM. This competition for your escrow cash allows us to provide the MOST competitive return available without sacrificing protection.

To get started with an escrow account at ADM, contact an agent today!