hand hold card that says "bond proceeds management"

Bond proceeds?

Registered Municipal Advisors. Check.

Is it possible to have it all? YES. We offer innovative cash solutions to match unique cash investment policy requirements, without giving up return.


You’ve got an upcoming bond issue? Great! We can help.

Already got the funds from a recent issue? No problem.

Funds are coming your way (or already arrived) with some regulatory and compliance requirements. We know these regs like the back of our hand. Get us involved and you’ll know you’ve got everything covered.

Fund Management

We actively manage your cash every day so you don’t have to. If you’ve got a spend-down schedule, we’ll take that into consideration when depositing your funds so you get the best return possible.

ARC (Arbitrage Rebate Compliance)

Don’t want an extra bill from the IRS? (Us either.) We’ll perform ongoing tests of arbitrage and rebate rules to ensure that you are always in compliance.

Auto Payments & Regulatory Filings

Working efficiently with a small team? We can automate payments and regulatory filings. Never miss a DTC (Depository Trust Company) interest payment, vendor payment or IRS filing (Schedule K, Form 990 to be exact). Learn more about our Vendor Payments Processing here.

Transparent Reporting

See your principal, earnings and distributions with one simple statement.


You have a dedicated, rock star team who knows the ins-and-outs of your specific issuance. Did we mention we are Registered Municipal Advisors? (Just checking…)

Refunding a Bond Issue?

This can get tricky! There are several things to consider on the front end and we can help to ensure proper compliance whether its a Current or an Advanced refunding.

Verification Services

We’ll calculate the exact amount needed to place in escrow for bond retirement taking into consideration unpaid interest, DTC processing payments, previous bond calls, etc. You’ll know exactly how much before you need it.


Need an agent for those funds? No problem. We’ve got seasoned escrow officers to handle your account. (Plus it’s easy to open and has low fees.)

Feeling overwhelmed? We get it.

We are also happy to talk through all your questions.
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