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Lead your board to better returns

If you’re not working with us, you’re just rolling the dice.

Getting the most out of your reserve funds can feel like a game of chance. How can you be certain your financial partners are getting you the best rates? How can you get all the information you need quickly and easily? How will you get everything done with just 24 hours in a day?

Maintain the right balance of liquidity and return to meet your property’s needs.

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Don’t leave your property’s investments to chance.

While we can’t add hours to the day, The American Deposit Mangement Co. (ADM) can offer property managers and housing boards innovative, streamlined cash solutions that complement your investment policies — all without giving up return.

Download our Board FAQ Sheet and learn more about opening an account.


Who is ADM?

Put simply, we’re game-changers.

We aren’t a bank. We’re a cash management company that created Marketplace Banking™, giving you access to hundreds of community banks across the United States to make the most of your funds.

ADM has more than a decade of experience delivering results and exemplary service to our property management and housing board clients.

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Proudly working with 500+ financial institutions across the U.S.

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Over $3 billion in funds managed and distributed

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Backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government

ADM is the right move for your board & property.


All deposits are fully insured by the FDIC/NCUA. In-network financial institutions meet our premium standards of stability and rating.


You always have access to your cash reserves. With next-day liquidity* and no redemption gates/fees, ADM gives you the flexibility you need to manage your cash.


We often see results in earnings of 7X the national average money market account. Funds are safely deposited with our exclusive network of pre- screened financial institutions where they aren’t subject to stock market volatility.



Do not leave this page without contacting us about managing your funds.


About The American Deposit Management Co.

The American Deposit Management Co. is your source for industry leading cash management and financial services dedicated to investing and servicing institutions around the country. Offices located in Wisconsin, Arizona and Texas.

*Liquidity is on a next business day basis. Same-day purchase credit and next-day liquidity redemptions are subject to a 2:30 PM ET cut-off. Please read the Program Terms and Conditions for more complete information and the governing terms of the account (including liquidity, terms, etc.).

**Kroll Bond Rating Agency “(KBRA)” is registered with the SEC as a Nationally Recognized Statistical Rating Organization (NRSRO). In addition, KBRA is recognized by the National Association of Insurance Commissioners (NAIC) as a Credit Rating Provider (CRP). The AAAkf rating assigned to FICA reflects the Program’s Primary Quantitative Rating (PQR) as measured by the KBRA Funds Credit Quality Rating Matrix, which is based on the credit quality of the underlying instruments that comprise the portfolio. The qualitative shadow rating (QSR) was found to be strong.