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Stewardship can come in many forms.

Maximizing your congregation’s giving is one of them.

Learn how we grow your congregation’s money

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For more than a decade, The American Deposit Management Co. has helped religious organizations like yours grow their cash reserves through safe, easy investment solutions that provides yields that are more than 10X the national average of the Top 50 U.S. Banks. That means a lot more money for whatever your church needs, including:

  • Ministry opportunities
  • Church programs
  • Facility expansion
  • Paying down debt
  • Unforeseen expenses
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Keep your existing bank

We’re not here to replace. We’re here to enhance. Think of us as a powerful new interest-earning tool.

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Secure online portal

Access documents and make key transactions through our safe, secure online portal.

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A single statement

No matter how many accounts you have, see where your money is and what it’s earning in a single, easy-to-read report.


Earn more, risk less.®

Let ADM help you grow your congregation’s giving through safe, proven investment methods.

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About The American Deposit Management Co.

The American Deposit Management Co. is a financial management company that created Marketplace Banking™, giving you access to 500+ banks through one spot. Better protect your funds with full deposit protection while boosting the interest rate on your congregation’s funds.