Overcoming Your Top 5 Challenges

As a property manager overseeing Homeowners Associations (HOAs), you encounter a diverse array of challenges and responsibilities.  In recent years, the need to adapt your strategies and navigate new obstacles may have become a necessity.

Within this white paper, we invite you to explore the top 5 challenges other property managers have dealt with, as compiled from independent research and current clients’ individual experiences.  Each challenge is outlined with how to overcome and proactively address each issue from arising.

This white paper provides concrete solutions to problems you may face every day. From resident communication to financial management, vendor management, and everything in between. Use this as a tool for decreasing mundane tasks and increasing the time you have to focus on higher-priority tasks.

A simple, modern approach to your cash-management needs:

Access To Competitive Rates

Unlimited Deposit Protection

Managed Liquidity

Easy, Secure Online Access

Keep Your Operating Bank

Consolidated Monthly Statement

Dedicated Client Services Team

Daily Rebalancing

The American Deposit Management Co.

ADM is a nationally recognized, award-winning, treasury management and financial services company. We have over a decade of experience working with Property Management companies.

We understand that you face unique challenges within each of your properties, with the operation of your cash reserves being top of the list.

As your deposit management team, our main priority is making sure your funds are liquid but safe while maximizing interest with the most competitive rates possible.

Our proprietary Financial Technology (FinTech), Marketplace Banking™, makes it possible for you to have access to exclusive rates from across the country through a network of 500+ financial institutions.

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