We are always looking for reputable banks, credit unions, financial advisors and other professionals to partner with. Maybe you are a community bank that is looking for more deposits. Or perhaps you are a financial advisor that is looking for an alternative cash solution for a client that provides a better return. We can help.


Deposit Institutions (Banks & Credit Unions)

Access to large deposits.

We attract and work with large depositors (> $250,000) everyday. They are corporations and municipal entities across the country that have low risk tolerance or restrictive investment policies that dictate a safe haven for their excess cash. We infuse this cash into community bank and credit unions. Partnering with us can mean more stability in deposits and risk-to-capital ratios, making your balance sheet easier to manage.

Network Fee? Nope.

We don’t charge a fee to work with us. This is a win-win business proposal. We don’t charge our partner banks any fees to participate in the network. Previously bankers ourselves, we understand the important role these institutions play and are proud champions of community bank industry.

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Financial Advisors

Referral Income.

We like to share. Refer a clients to us and earn a referral fee. Want to stay involved? No problem, we aren’t looking to steal the show. Continue working with your client directly and we will work quietly in the background. Need additional client support? Done. Our award-winning customer service team is happy to be of service.

Value Add Resource.

As you might have already learned, we are a new financial resource for businesses and municipalities to deploy. While we’ve grown exponentially managing billions in deposits, many professionals still don’t know that we are an option for their cash management needs. Impress your clients by offering a new solution for their excess cash that carries no principal risk but might increase a client’s return as much as 6 times.

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Personal Investors

You are a person with extra cash? That’s great! We don’t currently work with individual accounts (usually) but check out They’ve got a slick online platform for personal investors to get a higher interest rate than your traditional bank account. Which you should keep!