How to Put Your Corporation’s Tax Funds to Work

Keep your corporate tax funds safe and growing

Throughout each year, businesses set aside a stockpile of cash specifically for taxes. Most consider the stockpile a win by itself. After all, you’ve saved enough to satisfy the IRS without having to dip into other pools of money.

But, there is way for that money to do more for your business than simply lie in wait. At ADM, we offer a safe and productive place to keep your tax funds, and we call it Smarter Cash™. We provide our customers with 100% liquidity, great rates, and access to virtually unlimited FDIC / NCUA coverage all in a single deposit and a single account statement.

When it comes to your tax funds, it’s safety first.

You can’t afford to take risks with your tax funds. That’s why priority #1 at ADM is keeping them secure. We can offer access to FDIC / NCUA insurance for deposits well above and beyond the $250,000 limit through our cutting-edge fintech (short for financial technology) that can spread huge sums between different accounts and institutions.

In addition to keeping your money safe, we also keep it liquid, meaning you can count on having cash available when you need it — no matter what.

Earn more, risk less™ is our motto.

At ADM, we have created a national network of hundreds of banks and credit unions. This network provides key benefits to the businesses we serve. For one, that network gives our clients access to the nationally competitive interest rates.

No longer are customers limited to what’s offered at your local bank or as part of your local investment pool. Our network ensures your tax funds earn an optimized return before they head out the door. And most importantly, it means the days of sacrificing rate for safety are over.

We make deposit management easy for your organization.

When you’re running a business, your time is precious. While you can take your deposit management into your own hands, we offer a better way — one that saves you time and money and allows you to focus your energy on what you do best: building and growing your business.

When you entrust your tax funds to ADM, we manage the process of spreading your dollars between multiple accounts, keeping your money safe and ensuring you’re earning competitive returns. We provide a single point of contact — someone who knows your business and your unique needs inside and out — to help you at every step of the way. And no matter where your money is invested, we keep you up to date with one simple statement — giving you all the information you need and nothing you don’t.

Earn More, Risk Less™ – and work less.

Our goal is to help you save time, energy and resources — and reap the biggest possible reward. Take the new year as a new opportunity to implement a better plan for your tax funds. As always, we’re here to help. Visit our Deposit Management page for more details, or talk with one of our friendly associates today.


*American Deposit Management Co. is not an FDIC/NCUA-insured institution. FDIC/NCUA deposit coverage only protects against the failure of an FDIC/NCUA-insured depository institution.