Understanding the Referendum Process

Whether your District has a referendum vote coming up in 2024 or not, you may have one in the next few years, and it is good to be prepared.

Since referendums typically happen infrequently for most Districts, we see many employees going through the process for the first time. While it may seem daunting, understanding the different pieces that go into a successful referendum, subsequent bond issuance, and proceeds management will help make the process smoother.

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Referendum Webinar

This in-depth webinar explores all parts of the referendum process in great detail. Hear from individuals who have everyday experience with each portion, Gain insights/tips & tricks for a smoother referendum.

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Investment Plan

Bond Counsel

Bond Proceeds

Arbitrage Rebate

Bond Trustee

Signature bond proceeds program:

The American Deposit Management Co. (ADM) is a registered Municipal Advisor and has over a decade of experience delivering results. We’ve managed over 70 project funds totaling more than $1 billion (2017-2023).

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