Thanks to Our Summer 2018 Interns

American Deposit Management Summer Interns 2018

Noah: “I’m grateful to have gained this experience, because as I further my career in finance and economics, I am certain I will utilize this knowledge after my time at ADM is done”

Ryann: “This job helped me realize that the business side of things can be complex but if you ask questions you will learn how to solve problems”

Arianna: “I’ve learned a lot about business so far since working here and how each person plays a really important role to the client’s success/happiness and to the company’s success and reputation”

Ava: “I hope to use the knowledge I’ve acquired through ADM in college and beyond and I hope the experiences I have attained here will help prepare me for the real world”

Megan: “While working at ADM, I not only learned a TON about the banking industry, but also the importance of paying attention to detail and being tedious in the pursuit of excellence. I will use what I’ve learned here in future business classes at UW-Madison, but also apply it to my future career by maintaining a strong work ethic in an office setting”

Sophia: “I have always known that I would like to go into business when I go to college, so this was a super cool way for me to explore part of the business field and see if it is maybe something I would like to do in the future”

Cameron: “I enjoy working at ADM because it is a very positive working environment and all of the co-workers are always so generous and friendly. This is something that I hope to use in college and beyond, as the skills I learn here at ADM will help me be successful in the future”

Ashley: “Everyone here appreciates everyone else’s hard work and because of that ADM is much more like a community than a job. I will use the experience of working among others, many who are different ages, to help me with any other scenarios either in college or future careers that will help me work cooperatively as a team”